• Symbol Mark

    The ‘Star-b’ symbol, shaped like a star, is expression of our forward-looking thinking and desire to become a world-class financial institution.



    Our Korean and English logo type is made of KB's unique typeface and is used to represent our identity as KB.
    It can be used in conjunction with the Star-b symbol or in stand-alone manner.


    Color System


    Main Color

    KB Yellow Positive

    Pantone 130 C

    C0 M35 Y100 K0

    R255 G188 B0

    KB Yellow Negative

    Pantone 1235 C

    C0 M27 Y100 K0

    R255 G204 B0

    KB Gray

    Pantone 404 C

    C0 M10 Y20 K65

    R96 G88 B76

    Sub Color

    KB Dark Gray

    Pantone 411 C

    C70 M65 Y75 K25

    R84 G80 B69

    KB Gold

    Pantone 872 C

    KB Silver

    Pantone 877 C

  • Corporate Typeface

    "KB Financial Font", KB Financial Group’s Unique Typeface

    KB Financial Font is our unique typeface reflecting KB's image and vision. It is developed to create consistent brand image in the Group's visual communications, and to be used as a communication tool to build corporate competitiveness and identity. There are KB Financial Header Font and KB Financial Body Font. Each font is subdivided according to its thickness and slope and is used depending on purposes. KB Financial Display Font consists of Bold, Medium, Medium Italic, and Light, and KB Financial Text Font consists of Bold, Medium and Light.

    KB Financial Display Font


    KB Financial Display Font expresses KB's image through straight line conveying trustworthiness and curved line conveying friendliness. Clear finishing stroke of letters adds to its attractiveness, and large graphemes make it easy to be recognized.

    KB Financial Text Font


    KB Financial TextFont is designed to enhance figurative stability and readability of the Display Font. It is designed in square-frame font style to be suitable for body text. Enhanced readability of graphemes embodies our customer-centric approach.


      STAR FRIENDS is KB Financial Group's brand mascots, connecting closely with customers through advertisement and media.



      Each of STAR FRIENDS came to the Earth from different stars in outer space in search of their dreams. They support and cheer up each other to make their dreams come true.

      Character Story

      KiKi, A.GO, B.B, Lamu, and Kolly, each on a journey in outer space searching for their dreams, meet each other by chance on the Earth.
      Even though they look, act and think differently, they became close friends as they share their dreams and inspire each other to make their dreams come true. 
      Five friends decided to settle down on the Earth, embarking on their journey towards dreams.

      Find something new and fun every day with STAR FRIENDS!  
      Their journey towards dreams continues.

      Who are they?

      Lunar KiKi
      Enthusiastic and Energetic Rabbit

      KiKi is an enthusiastic and energetic leader of STAR FRIENDS who came from Lunar Star located behind the Moon and invisible from the Earth. KiKi’s enthusiastic and straightforward character earns her popularity among friends. 


      Fourth A.GO
      Whimsical Ugly Duck

      A.GO is a whimsical ugly duck from the fourth satellite of the Little Prince’s asteroid. He dreams of becoming a superhero and is full of crazy but challenging spirit. His curiosity gets him into trouble all the time, but he is adored and loved by everyone.


      Shimkung B.B.
      Sweet Bear Full of Love

      B.B. is a bear from a Shimkung(meaning heartthrob) Star where the sweet honey river runs. B.B.'s heart throbs when he finds sweet stuff, and he finds joys in sharing them. B.B. is a kind and gentle bear with loving and considerate heart.


      Lollo Lamu
      Optimistic Lama

      Lamu is a free spirted Lama from Lollo Star where he enjoyed YOLO life. He is always absorbed in music and daydreaming which often makes him fall down. But he always stays eternal optimist thinking that everything’s gonna be fine.


      Melan Kolly
      Broccoli Dreaming of Becoming a tree

      Kolly, a broccoli from Melan Star, dreams of growing up like a big Tree. Kolly might look shy and blunt at first, but once you get to know him, you will find him warm-hearted and friendly. Rainy days make Kolly happy and smile. 



    • Main Character

      Liiv is a brand mascot used in various media to deliver the Liiv brand's friendly image.



      Liiv is on a journey finding his true self. He may be a coin slipped out of somebody’s pocket, a yellow dandelion travelling around the world, or a light bulb illuminating dark night.

      Liiv Everyday

      Meet Liiv in different poses and facial expressions.


      Sub Characters

      Liiv Mate

      Liiv has friends called Miss. Hill, Lapper, Nova and Dr. Pie and they altogether are called Liiv Mate. Liiv Mate expresses various situations in daily life.


      Miss. Hill


      Miss Hill is a sassy girl whose goal is becoming the prettiest of all. When somebody tells her she’s pretty, Miss Hill dances in joy stretching and shrinking her body.



      Lapper is a cool metropolitan guy with generous heart. He is a pacifist wishing peace and happiness in the world. Lapper’s body goes round and round when he’s in good mood.



      Nova is a romantic guy who falls in love with everyone. He makes muscular waves to look attractive.

      Dr. Pie


      Every penny is worthwhile for Dr. Pie and he’s fair and shrewd when money matters. His face swells up when he’s embarrassed or gets in trouble.

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