What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental,
Social and Corporate Governance.
They are non-financial factors
impacting businesses.





Social Responsibility


Corporate Governance

ESG Strategy Structure

  • Mission

    Financial Services Delivering Change

    Happier Life & Better World

  • Strategic

    Create sustainable value and enhance customer trust by promoting responsible
    management for environment and society and disseminating healthy corporate governance

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    Carbon Neutrality
    Internal emissions by 2040
    Financed emissions by 2050

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    ESG products,
    investments and loans
    ₩50tn by 2030

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    Hiring Diversity 15%,
    Gender Diversity 20%,
    Capability Diversity 30%

  • Strategic

    E E icon of ESG

    Climate Change Strategy
    for the Environment

    Setting and Managing Carbon Emission Reduction Targets Managing Environmental Risks Increasing Green Investments and Loans Leading the Way in Green Finance Ecosystems

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    Reducing group’s internal carbon emissions by 42% by 2030 AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY CLIMATE ACTION
    Establishing environmental and social risk management principles and enhance environmental management system AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY CLIMATE ACTION
    Securing green leadership by expanding eco-friendly investments and loans AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY CLIMATE ACTION
    Building leadership through global initiative activities in the field of environment CLIMATE ACTION PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS
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    Social Responsibility
    Internalizing Responsible
    Management for Society

    Expanding Social Contribution Promoting Shared Growth and Mutual Prosperity Respecting Human Rights and Diversity Expanding Financial Inclusion

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    Promoting social contribution to create value for future generations AFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY REDUCED INEQUALITIES
    Promoting shared growth through the expansion of social value creation DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH
    Respecting human rights and diversity of stakeholders DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH REDUCED INEQUALITIES
    Providing financially vulnerable classes with stable financial services NO POVERTY
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    Corporate Governance
    Transparent Corporate

    Enhancing Transparency in Governance Strengthening the Stewardship Code Expanding Investments in Excellent Governance Building a Comprehensive Evaluation System

    G G icon of ESG
    Spreading the culture of healthy governance RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION
    Increasing the value of investee companies through active execution of the Stewardship Code RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION
    Creating sustainable value of companies with excellent governance governance RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION
    Building a comprehensive ESG management evaluation system RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION