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We are KB Financial Group, creating a world where we dream together, hope together, and live together.

Dreaming hope together

We support various educational and cultural activities to help children and adolescents, who will become the leaders of the future generation, healthy members of society with dreams and hopes. In addition to supporting the establishment of an all-day care system with the Ministry of Education, we also operate a number of programs to support youth education, including the 'KB Dream Wave 2030'. We also help foster future generations through economic and financial education, and support global families and global youth to become respected members of our society.

Support for organizing all-day care

We, KB Financial Group, have taken the lead in establishing a " all-day care system" to overcome the low birthrate caused by women's career breaks, high education costs, and childcare burdens. In 2018, we signed a business agreement with the Ministry of Education totaling KRW 75 billion to support new and expanded primary care classrooms and public kindergartens across the country. From 2018 to 2022, 2,265 classrooms were built in a total of 1,361 schools, and more than 45,000 children benefited.

To support the establishment of an all-day care system, we plan to expand the establishment of local-based care institutions in cooperation with the Ministry of Education from 2023, with a total investment of KRW 50 billion by 2027. We also plan to support the 'Economic and Financial Education After-School Program' course that enables elementary school students to learn in an easy and fun way. KB Financial Group plans to further develop a system of all-day care environments where children, the future leaders of Korea, are happier and parents can work with greater peace of mind.

A picture of the business agreement between the Ministry of Education and KB Financial Group A picture of the business agreement between the Ministry of Education and KB Financial Group

KB Dream Wave 2030

We have reorganized our flagship social contribution program, " Youth Mentor KB!", since 2007, into "KB Dream Wave 2030" in 2021.

KB Dream Wave 2030 is a customized lifecycle mentoring program that helps local youth to grow systematically and properly, and aims to provide growth opportunities for 300,000 youth by 2030. KB Dream Wave 2030 consists of 'Learning Mentoring', which provides learning and growth programs tailored to growth stages from preschoolers to university students; 'Career Mentoring', which provides professional career lectures and specialized training to foster digital talents; and 'Support Projects' to enhance educational conditions, including scholarship support and the creation of learning spaces.

Also, from 2022, IT's Your Life will be held for university graduates and prospective graduates to nurture IT talents for the digital era and bridge the digital education gap. IT's Your Life is composed of basic IT courses and advanced IT courses that utilize various programming such as data analysis, AI, and web development.

A picture of a teenager and an operator standing together at KB Dream Wave 2030 A picture of a teenager and an operator standing together at KB Dream Wave 2030

Global family support

Although the global family population is growing rapidly, many families struggle to settle into domestic society. In response, KB Financial Group provides various social settlement programs to help global families settle down in Korea.

In partnership with the Korea Family Center Association, KB Bank runs an educational program for parents and children of global families. KB Card operates the 'KB Card Multicultural Korean Language School' to provide children from global families and North Korean defectors, as well as mid-way immigrants, with language classes to help them overcome language barriers and gain a better understanding of Korean society and culture. Additionally, KB Savings Bank conducts a series of bilingual education programs and speaking contests for children from global families. The bank also offers employment support projects for low-income global families, such as training and dispatching meal cooks.

A picture of a multicultural Korean language school class A picture of a multicultural Korean language school class

Economics and Financial Education

The KB Foundation for Public Benefit, which was established in 2011, provides various economic and financial education activities to help people form sound financial habits with economic knowledge necessary for real life. We have launched a group of lecturers specializing in economic and financial education, and they provide visits to elementary, middle, and high schools, local children's centers, and military bases. In addition, we offer experiential education by inviting young people to the Economic and Financial Education Experience Center (KB Star*D Hall) in the basement of KB Bank's new building. In 2022, about 149,000 beneficiaries of KB Financial Group's economic and financial education programs were provided, and the accumulated number of beneficiaries reached 1.83 million as of the end of 2022.

KB offers financial education to low-income or global family youth and the underprivileged through the KB Star Economic Classroom, and provides equal financial education opportunities to rural and remote students in educational blind spots by utilizing various educational methods such as ICT (remote video) technology and book-reading buses. KB is participating in the Financial Services Supervisory Service's 'One-to-One School Financial Education' program and has partnered with 795 schools across the country to provide financial education. In 2022, we provided financial education to more than 20,000 youth on 472 occasions, including education on financial fraud prevention for third-year high school students who are about to enter the workforce. In honor of our active financial education efforts, KB received the Financial Services Commissioner's Award at the Best Practice Awards in 2022.

In addition to providing offline financial education through visits to elementary and middle schools and local children's centers, KB Card also provides financial education through kits to elementary nursery schools, and various online financial education programs through YouTube to make financial education accessible and fun for youth. Particularly, financial education contents starring celebrities preferred by children and youth are highly appreciated.

A picture of economic and financial education being conducted by KB Financial Group A picture of economic and financial education being conducted by KB Financial Group