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Related Policies

    • Article 1 (Corporate Name)
      The name of this company shall be “KB Geumyung Jijoo”, which shall be expressed in English as “KB Financial Group Inc.” (the “Company”).
      Article 2 (Objective)
      The objective of the Company shall be to engage in the following business activities:
      1. 1.Control over or management of companies engaged in financial businesses or other companies related closely to the operations of financial businesses;
      2. 2.Financial support (including lending of properties with economic value such as money and securities, guarantee of performance of obligations, and other direct or indirect transactions involving transactional credit risks, hereinafter the same) for subsidiaries, etc. (as defined in Article 4, Paragraph 1, Sub-paragraph 2 of the Financial Holding Company Act, including subsidiaries, subsidiaries of such subsidiaries (a “Sub-subsidiary”) and other companies controlled by a Sub-Subsidiary, hereinafter the same).;
      3. 3.Financing for investment in subsidiaries or providing financial support to subsidiaries, etc.;
      4. 4.Provision of resources necessary for the business operations of subsidiaries, etc. , including support for the development and sales of financial products of subsidiaries, etc.;
      5. 5.Functions entrusted by subsidiaries, etc. to support the business operations of subsidiaries, etc. including IT, legal and accounting functions;
      6. 6.Provision of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents, etc. to subsidiaries, etc.
      7. 7.Other businesses permitted by laws and regulations; and
      8. 8.Any other businesses incidental or related to those in Items 1 through 7 of this Paragraph.
      Article 3 (Location of Head Office and Establishment of Branches)
      1. (1)The Company shall have its head office in Seoul.
      2. (2)The Company may establish branches, liaison offices, representative offices or subsidiaries within or outside Korea, as it deems necessary, by the resolution of the Board of Directors.
      Article 4 (Method of Public Notices)
      Public notices of the Company shall be posted on the website of the Company (; provided, however, that in case the notices cannot be posted on the website of the Company due to technical difficulties or any other unavoidable circumstances, they shall be published in the Seoul Shinmun and Dong-a Ilbo, daily newspapers published in Seoul.
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