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Code of Conduct

All members of KB Financial Group act in accordance with ethical values as the highest standard.

KB Financial Group’s Compliance & Ethics

KB Financial Group puts compliance with laws and regulations and ethical management as its top priority, making all decisions in accordance with legal and ethical methods and creating an ethical management culture that fulfills fair business activities and social responsibility. KB Financial Group takes "Trust & Integrity" as one of its core values and always maintains an honest and sincere attitude based on ethical consciousness, which is a fundamental attribute of employees of a financial company.

Code of Conduct

KB Financial Group has set up a specific and codified code of conduct to internalize the ethical management culture, thereby enhancing the value of the company and improving the trust of customers and investors.

KB Financial Group operates various compliance programs through the Compliance Support Department, which appoints a compliance officer to supervise ethics and legal compliance activities and supports the compliance officer in performing their duties.

Proactive Program

    • KB Financial Group established the "Ethics Charter," an ethical code for all employees to follow, in January 2010, and held a proclamation ceremony to express its commitment to ethical management.

Monitoring programs

    • We conduct actual inspections and theme/special inspections by specialized personnel and reflect matters requiring improvement in our management activities based on the inspection results.

Follow-up programs

    • We operate the FMS in order to identify the status of implementation of improvement tasks and check the adequacy of each affiliate's inspection results.

Conduct reporting

    • We report to the Board of Directors at least once a year on the performance of our compliance work.

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